What’s the big deal about an Igloo anyway?

You may have seen our amazing new itinerary ‘Stars of Scandinavia’ in various magazines and online articles recently. This brand new and very exciting itinerary combines two key bucket list experiences; to witness the Northern Lights and to sleep in a glass-roofed igloo; and many more amazing experiences such as dog sledding. The itinerary culminates into an incredible holiday that appeals to just about everyone!

Many of us have dreams of laying back in bed and watching the night sky, perhaps the Northern Lights if we’re lucky, and generally soaking up an incredible view of the world above us, but why is that something that captivates us so much? Perhaps it’s the closeness it provides to something so unique, perhaps it’s the feeling of being one with nature and the night sky. Perhaps you just love the idea of the instagram-worthy pictures you’ll take!

Regardless of your main reasons for wanting to experience the Northern Lights from glass-roofed accommodation; we are here to help with the tips and tricks that’ll make your stay all the more magical.


It’s really important to choose the right location for your igloo stay and to consider carefully what it is primarily you want to get out of the trip. If it’s simply an incredible night sky complete with stars galore and the milky way then your options are much wider as many places – particularly in the Arctic Circle – rarely disappoint. If however your aim is to lay back and watch the Northern Lights, you need to go for a location that is as far North as possible and has little light pollution.

Find the hidden gems

We’ve all seen beautiful igloos online where they look cosy, secluded and downright dreamy. What those photos don’t show you is that they can be lined up in vast numbers and clustered together so your ‘once in a lifetime’ and supposedly personal experience is accompanied by hoards of other people in very near proximity. It’s not as romantic to picture laying back in bed watching the Aurora if it is interrupted by lots of people outside trying to get a good picture is it? A smaller, more personal resort is definitely a must.

Choose your extras carefully

It might be tempting to save a few pennies on added extras to avoid going over budget however some extras may just be worth their weight in gold. Let’s say you spend 3 nights in an igloo with the hope of lying back in bed and watching the Aurora overhead. Sadly; those beautiful lights are not timed, they can’t be predicted and chances are; if you drift off even for a few minutes it could be that the only display of the night appears in that time and you’ll have missed it! Far better to opt for an accommodation that offers an ‘Aurora Alarm’ or a way of alerting you, say for example your host, if the Aurora begins to dance outside.

The ‘Stars of Scandinavia’ itinerary starts at £1795 per person excluding flights and is based on 5 nights for 2 people. Relax in the evenings in glass-ceiling luxury accommodation and take part in some of this area of the world’s most famous experiences such as dog sledding, snowmobiling and feeding the reindeer. Get in touch with one of our specialists today for a personalised quotation.

An igloo experience gives you the very best chances to spot the Aurora simply lying in your bed watching the night skies! Even if you are unlucky with the Aurora you are sure to get a fascinating view of the Arctic sky above which is never disappointing!

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