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Prices range from £5499pp*

Best time to travel


August to October

Senja at its most colourful

Along with our Senja Winter Adventure we also have our Senja Autumn Adventure – another perfect time to travel to the beautiful part of Norway.

Combined with a night in Tromso you’ll pick up a helicopter transfer across to your location where you will be based for three nights. Here you will embark on your own private boat tour, venture out for a hike in the stunning mountains, and enjoy some of the most spectacular views in Northern Norway.

There is also an exclusive Off the Map Travel experience to head out with your guide on a trip to a secluded beach to snorkel in the crystal clear waters – an activity not easily found in Senja unless you know the hidden spots·

From late August be sure to stay up late in the evenings and keep an eye on the skies in case you might be lucky enough to catch the aurora which starts to reappear after the Spring and Summer month.

© Jørgen Wang