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Bjorkliden & Abisko

Abisko and Bjorkliden in Swedish Lapland make up one of the best areas in the world for a Northern Lights holiday.


Destination in detail

Abisko and Bjorkliden in Swedish Lapland make up one of the best areas in the world for a Northern Lights holiday. One of Europe’s last true wildernesses, the Abisko and Bjorkliden region is transformed in the winter into a snow covered wonderland that typifies this Arctic region. The surrounding mountains create a weather shadow which delivers clearer skies than other areas of Lapland making it a magnet for those on an Aurora holiday and the perfect place to spot the Northern Lights. The surrounding mountains also make this an ideal playground to try a range of activities from snowmobiling, husky dog sledding, even ice fishing.


68°19′N 18°41′E


Approximately 150


Abisko National Park is 77km2

Time Zone

GMT + 1 standard time

Experiences in Bjorkliden & Abisko

Snowshoe to a traditional Sami Lavvu to search for the Aurora.

Northern Lights Lavvu

Snowshoe to a traditional Sami Lavvu to search for the Aurora.
Aurora Sky Station Dinner

Aurora Sky Station

Aurora Sky Station Dinner

Abisko Aurora Photo Tour

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Travel Facts

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Getting There

There are regular flights into Kiruna, the nearest airport to Abisko and Bjorkliden, from Stockholm. From there it’s an hour and a half transfer through some of the most breath taking arctic scenery to Bjorkliden. If rail is your thing, then you can also catch the train from Stockholm directly into Bjorkliden.


Abisko and Bjorkliden benefits from the a weather shadow provided by the surrounding arctic mountain range which creates more clear nights than other areas of Swedish Lapland.

In winter the temperatures can get as low as minus 35 but sometimes in the long summer days the temperature can climb into the high twenties.


Abisko and Bjorkliden are surrounded by snow-capped mountains and are home to the Abisko National Park. There are many lakes (frozen in the winter) dotted across the area with the largest being the 330km2 Lake Torneträsk.

The borders of Finland and Norway are only a short trip from here, making it a great place for guests looking to explore. Due to the mountainous landscape, Bjorkliden is perfect for skiing and boasts many downhill ski runs and wonderful cross-country tracks.

Plants and Animals

The region around Abisko and Bjorkliden is rich in wildlife with many wild elk and reindeer roaming the area.

Arctic foxes, bears, wolverines and lynx can also be spotted on rare occasions.

There are many species of birds in the Abisko National Park including ptarmigan. Abisko’s best-known flower is the protected Lapp Orchid, which grows nowhere else in the country.

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