Along with our new accolade as the first ever UK-based travel company to fully adhere to Whale and Dolphin Conservation’s (WDC), policy on ‘responsible whale watching’, we are now planning to adopt an Orca.

We decided to adopt one of the following Orca in support of the work WDC undertake in its protection of whales and dolphins across the globe. In a small way, we hope that Off the Map Travel can help keep whale watching a bucket list travel experience for generations to come.

Please take a look through the four possible Orca, and then vote in our facebook poll on the 22nd of July!

Bend – the whippersnapper

Bend was a surprise from the time she was born to Clio in 1999. No one had ever seen an Orca quite like her. On the front edge of her dorsal fin was a deep cut and as she grew her lopsided fin took on the comical look of the ‘Sorting Hat’ from Harry Potter. It certainly made her stand out and instantly endeared her to everyone. She became a mother for the first time in 2013.

Fife – the handsome one

Fife is Corky’s younger brother. Tragically, Fife has never met his sister Corky as she has been held captive by SeaWorld since 1987. He’s quite a character, extremely handsome and gaining stature within his community.

Holly – the long distance traveller

Holly was born in 1980. Her babies Surf, Current and Cameleon are named after places around British Columbia. Holly and her family are one of the few groups seen in the Johnstone Strait during the winter, but they also reach into southeast Alaska and so their range is more than 500 kilometres!

Simoom – the matriarch

Simoom was born in 1975. She has a growing family now nine-strong which she brings to the Johnstone Strait during the summer months along with her mother and brothers. Simoom has certainly contributed to her group’s prominence; she is the group’s matriarch and the second oldest female member of her pod.

How to vote

To vote visit and like our Facebook page and vote in our poll on Friday 22nd of July! Don’t forget to like and share your favourite whale to make sure they get the votes and win!

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