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Whale Watching Holidays

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Whale watching Holidays

Whale Watching Holidays, much like Northern Lights Holidays, have become something of a ‘bucket list’ item for many of us. That comes as no surprise to us as Whales are one of the world’s most majestic creatures. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and no matter which species you see or where you see them, they always illicit the same profound impact on the people that seem them.

Whether you like to travel in small groups, or would prefer to travel independently on your own exclusive private trip, we have plenty of options available.

Whale watching Itineraries to Inspire

You will not see thousands of different packages for Whale watching trips on our website – this is because our holidays are all about quality, not quantity. Each destination has been hand-picked by one of our passionate travel experts, allowing us to create truly bespoke, tailor-made luxury holidays that will be built to suit your exact requirements.

Experience Whale watching

This footage was taken by our own Sales manager Holly whilst on her own Whale Watching Holiday in Greenland during August of 2016. Over a 4 day trip, she was lucky enough to witness hundreds of Whales whilst out on the sea and by land. She even witnessed the famous ‘bubble netting’ technique used by Humpback Whales to catch Fish. She says:

“Witnessing these amazing creatures in such abundance was truly spectacular. I was a whale lover before this trip however Greenland has gone straight to the top of my favourite destinations in the world after these encounters!”

Experiences for your Whale Watching Trips

We organise your Whale watching holidays based around you and your expectations – whether you want a personal guide, would like to join one of our small groups, or would like to travel independently, we will prepare luxury trips to suit. These examples are just a selection of what is on offer so if there is something special you are looking to experience, just ask!
A fast-paced and personal whale safari in Northern Iceland by RIB boat.

Whale Safari in Akureyri

A fast-paced and personal whale safari in Northern Iceland by RIB boat.
Experience the magic of whale watching under the Midnight Sun.

Whale Watching under Midnight Sun

Experience the magic of whale watching under the Midnight Sun.
Experience the whales of Iceland and learn all about the species that live in Icelandic waters.

Whales of Iceland Museum

Experience the whales of Iceland and learn all about the species that live in Icelandic waters.
Experience the magic of Whale Watching from a luxury catamaran.

Luxury Whale Watching

Experience the magic of Whale Watching from a luxury catamaran.

Whale Watching Guide

Here at Off The Map Travel, we are constantly looking for new and exciting locations for Whale Watching Holidays. We know that there are plenty of places in the world where you can watch all kinds of Whales in their natural habitat, but we search high and low for the destinations that offer just that little bit more. You might want to watch Humpbacks jump beneath the Midnight Sun, or maybe you want to see Orcas feeding off the coastline of the fjords with sea eagles overhead. For those of you wishing to see the Northern Lights as well, the opportunity to see Fin Whales swimming beneath the Auroras may combine two bucket list items for you into one.  Whatever the experience that you seek is, it will not be just any old Whale Watching experience when you travel with us!

Whale FAQs

Want to know more about whale watching holidays? Look no further!

If you are looking for cooler destinations then Iceland, Norway, Greenland and even the far reaches of Scotland are good options but if you are looking for whales and warm temperatures then the Azores, Costa Rica or Mauritius & Reunion could be perfect for you! Speak to one of our experienced Adventure Artists today and we can help to find the perfect Whale Watching Holidays for you.

As Whales are migratory animals, the best time of the year to embark on your Whale Watching Holidays can vary dependant on the location you wish to visit and the species of Whale that you are hoping to see. Some destinations, such as the Azores, are excellent Whale Watching destinations with sightings of these majestic creatures all¬year round. Others, such as Northern Norway, offer Whale Watching at certain periods during the year. Speak to one of our expert travel advisors to help narrow down your search.

Whales can be divided simply into two groups: Baleen (such as the humpback Whale) and Toothed (such as the sperm Whale).

Baleen Whales are identified by the filtration plates inside their upper jaw which is mostly made of Keratin, a substance found in our fingernails and hair. These plates are arranged like lots of tiny teeth in a comb and the inner edge is frayed and this forms a dense mat inside their mouths. Baleen Whales, although massive in size, eat some of the smallest prey in the ocean; plankton, tiny schools of fish and a variety of crustaceans. They use their baleen to strain their food from the water.

Baleen Whales tend to be solitary animals and tend to be the larger of the Whale species. They can be found in all of the oceans across the world and have some of the longest migrations known to man.

Whale species that fall into this category include the Blue, Bowhead, Gray, Fin, Humpback, Minke and Right Whale.

Toothed Whales, including all Dolphins and Porpoises, have one blowhole and are generally smaller than most of the Baleen Whale species. There are approximately 65 different species of Toothed Whale.

Instead of filter-feeding, Toothed Whales are hunters. They will find and capture prey (fish, squid, crabs, starfish, and other ocean creatures) and swallow it whole. They find their prey using echolocation which functions as an underwater sat-nav to help them detect prey in the water.

Toothed Whales include Sperm, Narwhal, Pilot and Beluga Whales.

  • Whales and Dolphins do not sleep like we do, but they rest on the surface of the sea while they are swimming. Each side of the brain takes it in turns to ‘switch off’ while the other half stays vigilant and keeps the animal breathing.
  • The heart of a Blue Whale is about the size of a small car and weighs up to 450kg. The aorta, a major blood vessel for the heart, is big enough for a human child to crawl through.
  • The male Narwhal has two teeth. The one on the left pierces the animal’s lip and grows to an incredible 2-3 metres. In Europe, these tusks were once sold as the horns of the mythical unicorn.
  • Orcas, otherwise known as Killer Whales, are in actual fact the largest member of the Dolphin family!
  • The biggest/heaviest brain in the world belongs to a Sperm Whale – it can weigh up to a whopping 9kg! The average weight of an adult human brain is only 1.4kg.
  • If you have a particular species of Whale that you would like to see on your Whale Watching Holidays then tell your travel advisor. This will help to determine what time of year you would want to travel and the best destination to visit.
  • If you are travelling to one of our colder destinations such as Iceland or Norway, you will need to kit yourself out properly with well insulated and waterproof clothing. It is cold in these destinations and when you are enjoying any of your activities you don’t want to miss out because you’re too cold.
  • Take a camera and make sure you take lots of photos as you will want to remember this trip for the rest of your life. However, don’t spend the whole time behind the lens as it’s just as important to step back and enjoy your Whale Watching experience at the time.
  • Patience, persistence and vigilance is vital. Whales do not operate to a set timetable so keep your eyes on the water as you never know when they are going to pop up!

Make your dream holiday a reality

We’re always happy to discuss your dream luxury Whale watching holidays, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. The destinations for our Whale watching trips are hand selected by our Adventure Artists who have plenty of experience travelling in this part of the world. This wealth of experience means they can apply their expert knowledge to planning your trip, helping create personally tailored itinerary to see whales that you will never forget.

Simply get in touch by using one of the telephone numbers listed below, emailing us directly at [email protected], or using our contact form.

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