Whether it’s an engagement, wedding, honeymoon, or any other celebration, there’s no reason not to choose the Northern Lights as your next holiday destination. The Aurora Borealis is visible from multiple countries, each of which has its own range of fantastic activities; but the one thing they each have in common is their excellent view of the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights Engagement Holidays

One way great to get your engagement off to magical start is to jump right into the Aurora ardor by taking you and your loved one on our ‘Aurora Addicts‘ package.  This package will surround you with spectacular mountains, fjords and islands. The trip will take you to Sortland in the north of Norway. Known as the ‘blue city’, it serves as the perfect base camp for your arctic expedition. You and your partner-to-be will be able to chase the Aurora and learn more about it at the same time. We promise that once you visit, you’ll fall in love with the Aurora Borealis as much as each other.

Weddings In A Winter Wonderland

To get married and see the Northern Lights at the same time, there is one option that stands out more than any other: the ICEHOTEL in Sweden. We covered it in our previous blog, but it’s so amazing that it is worth repeating. The ICEHOTEL is crafted from solid ice and snow in what can only be described as a marvel of engineering and artistry. It includes its own chapel and bar that make it the perfect wedding venue with a unique twist and, thanks to its location in the far north of Sweden, offers plenty of chances to see the Aurora. With so much to do, you can be sure that both you and your wedding guests will all enjoy a wonderful time.

Honeymoon Aurora Holidays

To wind down from your wedding, our Northern Lights for the Soul package will let you experience the spiritual side of the Aurora Borealis. This four-night stay in Kilpisjarvi, Finland will let you and your partner relax together as you immerse yourselves in the local traditions, amazing activities and authentic yoga – all whilst enjoying the amazing phenomenon that is the Northern Lights. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a more active honeymoon holiday, our Canada Aurora Dream package will have you hiking, sledding and snowmobiling across the dramatic landscape of the Yukon.

Aurora Adventure Holidays

Our Half-term Lights in Lapland package is ideal for a family or for a group adult holiday. Taking place in Kilpisjarvi, Finland, this focuses on keeping you active during the day so that you spend your evening relaxing with the Northern Lights. Focal points of this package include husky sled rides and a Safari at the borders of Sweden, Finland and Norway. If that’s not enough for you, you can add more extra activities to the trip, which can include: ice fishing, forest ski touring and snowshoe trips.

Whatever kind of holiday you’re looking for, we can help make sure that your trip to see the Northern Lights is perfect for you and your fellow traveling companions. Browsing our above packages is a great way to get a taste of what we can offer, but there’s no substitute for a direct consultation. To start planning your Northern Lights holiday, it’s as easy as filling out our contact form and hitting ‘send’.

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