The oceans of the world are filled with wonderful species of all shapes and sizes, but today we are going to focus on a few of the fantastic whale species that can be seen at some of our own travel destinations.

Whale watching is something of a ‘bucket list’ item for many travellers, who regard it as something to achieve at least once in their lifetime. This is of no surprise, as whales are one of the most majestic creatures in the world. The migratory nature and wide range of most whale species means that you can enjoy a whale watching holiday in any number of destinations at different times of the year. But it is their migratory routes that dictate when and where these species will be – and that’s what we will be looking at today.

Humpback Whale Migration:

The humpback whale provides a perfect example of the typical journey that these cetaceans take on a yearly basis.  In the summer months you will find the humpback whale in the cool high latitude polar waters of its feeding grounds, while in the winter they undertake a mammoth expedition to warmer, low latitude oceans where they breed. The best places to see these whales during the summertime are in Greenland and Norway. We have two packages that are fantastic for seeing humpback whales during the summer – Whales and Icebergs and Whales and Northern Lights – which each combine the amazing opportunity for whale watching with the regional natural wonders of Greenland and Norway.

Blue Whale Migration:

The blue whale is the largest animal to have ever lived on our whole planet, which makes it a fantastic sight in its own right. Like the humpback, the blue whale follows a yearly migration pattern between their feeding grounds in polar waters to their breeding grounds in tropical waters. It is the oldest and largest blue whales that travel the farthest north, and Iceland is the perfect place to see them in these waters during the summer months. Our Whales and Waterfalls is a perfect summer package that combines whale watching in Iceland with trips to the volcanoes, lakes, mountains and thermal pools that contribute to Iceland’s natural beauty.

Orca Migration:

The Orca (or Killer Whales, as it is less flatteringly known) is distinct amongst whale species in that, unlike most, it does not follow a yearly migration route at all. Instead, orca have a vast range that encompasses the majority of the oceans of the world. Orca travel freely throughout their range, following the availability of food. Because of their free-roaming nature, there is a chance of seeing the orca in many of the northern waters, but for the best chances of seeing them we recommend you go whale watching in Iceland or Norway.

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