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Iceland is a place like no other. The island straddles the mid-Atlantic ridge creating a geologically active area which in turn produces some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Glaciers, natural steam baths and geysers are dotted around this island in the Atlantic ocean. Due to the latitude of Iceland there is also the chance to spot the amazing Aurora Borealis. The magnificence of the island is not just limited to scenery, Wildlife such as whales can be spotted round the coast, making the perfect excursion for nature lovers. Its a once-in-a-life time trip to a place unlike anywhere else in the world.



Iceland is in the North Atlantic ocean.. The capital city of Reykjavik is in the south of the country. The population of Iceland is around 325,000, with the majority situated in and around Reykjavik, and it is the least populated country in Europe. The temperature in Iceland is between -3C to 13C. During the summer months Iceland experiences the midnight sun. This means it doesn't get dark, and during the night it remains twilight.


This package is available all year round. If you wish to try and see the Northern Lights travel between September and April.


A variety of types of accommodation is available in Southern Iceland. What type of adventure you are after will determine the most suitable accommodation option for you and your group.

Hotel ION

ION Luxury Hotel is a stunning place to stay on your trip to Iceland. Whether you are seeking a quiet and peaceful holiday to search for the Northern Lights, a challenging trek across a glacier or a day of fishing in the icy rivers. This beautiful hotel will offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Hotel Ranga

Hotel Rangá offers 51 luxurious and cosy rooms, including the renowned continental suites, decorated and themed after the continents, and a master royal suite. It is perfectly located to enjoy the beautiful south of Iceland.

Australia Deluxe room Outside Hotel Rangá Restaurant Northern lights

Hotel Reyjavik Centrum

Ideally situated within central Reykjavik, Hotel Reykjavik Centrum offers you the best opportunity to see all the city has to offer. With single, double and suites available there is a good selection of rooms to meet your needs.

Diskur-3-a_800_600 double delux Iceland-Hotel-Centrum-Outside Iceland-Reykjavik-suite-1 suite2

Hotel Reykjavik Marina

Located in the harbour district of Reykjavik, and just a short walk from the city centre, Hotel Reykjavik Marina is unlike any other city centre hotel. This hotel combines the city’s rich maritime history with its present day lively culture.

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If you have a family or a group and it would be more suitable to stay in a self-catering apartment or house rather than a hotel, please contact us as there is a wide range of options.


Iceland offers an incredible amount of activities. There is something to suit everyone on this amazing island! Tell us what you are interested in and we will create an itinerary perfect for you and your group. Below is a list of some of the activities we can offer but please let us know if there is something else you are interested in:

Northern Lights Trips

If you choose to stay in the centre of Reykjavik it is worthwhile booking at least one Northern Lights trip to get yourself into the darkness for a higher chance of seeing the Aurora. There are many options for this so just ask!

Blue Lagoon

Relax in the Blue Lagoon spa, famous for its naturally hot steam baths, the perfect place to unwind on holiday.

Golden Circle

The Golden Circle has some of Iceland's best natural landmarks, from the Gullfoss waterfall to the many geysers which are present in the area.

Snaefellsnes Peninsula

This Peninsula offers a bit of everything, from glaciers to rolling valleys with quaint fishing villages. Wildlife is in abundance here, with birds lining the cliffs. A great tour to experience all Iceland has to offer.

Superjeep tours

Tour Iceland in a 4x4 super jeep. Discover the geology, history and beauty of this unique island on this tour.

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

With its enormous and ancient icebergs breaking off from the glacier, this natural wonder of Iceland is a sight you cannot miss.

Fontana Steam Baths

Take a dip in the Fontana steam baths, opened in 1920 it now boasts a full spa. Sit in the warm baths as you watch the amazing scenery around you. Or why not visit at night to watch the Northern Lights?

Snowmobile on the glacier

Enjoy a snowmobiling tour up onto the Mýrdalsjökull glacier. A great way to explore the landscape and the glacier whilst enjoying the thrill of a snowmobile ride.

Volcano and Glacier Walking

Take the road east out of Reykjavik to view the Eyjafjallajökull volcano. Then climb the Sólheimajökull glacier, from there you can view the crater of the volcano and the extent of the 2010 eruption.

Helicopter Trips

Seeing Iceland from the air is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a must for anyone who is looking for an extra special trip.

Horse Riding

Enjoy the Golden Circle tour while on horseback. A great way to view the landscape and scenery, and all of the geological features. Icelandic horses are a very special and gentle breed.

South Shore adventure

This tour is for nature lovers. Be transported round the beautiful Icelandic coast with cliffs full of birds. Then tour the Seljalandsfoss waterfall, an amazing landmark. Finally go to the Skógar Folk Museum to learn about Iceland's history.

ATV tours

An ATV tour is an exciting way to explore the wilds of Iceland. You will travel up two mountains with spectacular views, then take a winding route along the coastline viewing some haunting shipwrecks.

Snorkeling and diving

Swim in the crystal clear glacier melt water. This will give you an incredible view of the underwater landscape. Anyone who can swim will enjoy this fantastic tour.

Ice climbing

With your tour guides, scale a glacier. Your instructors will teach you the proper techniques and how to use the equipment on this exhilarating ice climbing adventure.

ATV DSC_0957 RE04_006 SRE80_002 Superjeep


Flights to your chosen destination are not included in your package. However we will always include details of the most suitable flights in our opinion to match your tailor-made itinerary. We cooperate with Dial-A-Flight to assist you in making your flight bookings. However, flights can be booked independently and through your choice of carrier which increases flexibility and allows you to continue to travel with your preferred airlines.


There are a number of extras that we can offer to complement or extend your trip.

Trip Extension

Why not extend your trip by combining with our incredible Iceland package in the North of the country to really see the best of the whole island.

No1 Traveller Lounges

If you’re flying from selected airports why not start your holiday off in style with No1Traveller airport lounges. These award winning luxury airport lounges offer everything the discerning traveller needs from freshly prepared complimentary food and drink to Wi-Fi or even a spa! Contact us today to arrange your access and start your holiday in style.

Clothing and Footwear

The cost of buying the winter clothing recommended for your trip can easily add up. To help out Off the Map Travel has teamed up with Expedition Kit Hire to provide top of the range Northern Lights clothing and footwear rental package. Including all the recommend items this package is a great way to get everything needed at a fraction of the price it would cost to buy.

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Prices from £1299 per person based on two sharing on a bed and breakfast basis for 7 nights. See example itinerary for details.


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The unrivalled landscape of this beautiful island is a highlight in itself.

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