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The Aurora Addicts are, as their name suggests, addicted to experiencing the Aurora Borealis. Once you have had your first taste of the Northern Lights it will be easy to see why and you too may consider yourself ‘an Aurora addict’.

Surrounded by spectacular mountains, fjords and islands, Sortland is a perfect base for an Arctic adventure. From your warm and comfortable fjordside cabin you can spend your days exploring or enjoying the many adventure and cultural activities, and in the evening go on a hunt for the Northern Lights with an Aurora Chase and soak up some North Norwegian culture.


Sortland - North of Norway

Sortland, also known as the ‘blue city’, is located in the north of Norway.

Surrounded by beautiful fjords and Arctic mountains it boasts fantastic scenery in all directions. Also because of Sortland’s northern location it often has spectacular Aurora displays making it the perfect Northern Lights holiday destination.

The Aurora Addicts are located in a perfect position for Aurora hunting as if the weather is poor at the coast they can head inland and if the weather is bad everywhere they will try and head up and beat the clouds, making is a true chase for the Northern Lights.

On a trip with the Aurora Addicts you are likely to visit the areas of Lofoten, Andenes, Sortland, Melbu, Storkmarknes, Harstad, Lødingen, Kvaefjord, Gullesfjord, Nyksund and Bø.


This package is available between September and March on selected dates each month.


Your accommodation in Sortland will be a traditional fjord-side wooden fisherman cabin surrounded by stunning Arctic scenery including snow-topped mountains, acres of trees and stunning fjords and lakes.

The private cabins can sleep up to six people and come with two bedrooms and an en-suite with underfloor heating. Your cabin includes a living room, TV and radio, a kitchen and dining area. At the end of a long day of exploring you can enjoy some relaxation time in the waterside hot tub or sauna and take in the breathtaking Arctic scenery.

Cabin inside Cosy Lounge Fjordside Cabin Kitchen Sauna and Hot Tub


There are a wide range of activities on offer including:

Aurora Chase

This is what this package is all about, Aurora chasing with the Aurora Addicts. Travel out into the wilderness in search the magnificent Northern Lights. The variety of locations that the guides have come to know means you really do have a the best possible chance of enjoying the beautiful Aurora.

Dog Sledding Adventure

Your own pack of friendly huskies will take you on a dogsled adventure. You can learn to “mush” the dogs yourself or sit back and relax as your guides drive you through pristine Arctic wilderness. On your way you will have the chance to enjoy some amazing scenery, from stunning mountains to beautiful fjords.

Meet The Sami People and Local Reindeer Farm

Head to a traditional Sami reindeer farm, where you will meet a local guide who will explain how the Sami work the reindeer farm, as well as having the chance to feed the reindeer yourself. You will then enjoy a tasty lunch in a lavvu tent to really understand the Sami way of life.


There are many exciting local hikes and places to explore and your guides will be happy to tell you about them. Alternatively why not pay for a guide to show you the best of the area. Whether visiting the local churches or islands this is a great way to take in the beautiful north Norwegian region.

Space Ship Aurora

Take a trip around the beautiful Andoya peninsula, on the way you will have a fantastic chance of spotting whales and sea eagles as you explore the rugged coastline. Finally you will stop at the Andoya Rocket Range where you will get the chance to learn about the Aurora and also carry out a simulated space ship journey to collect solar data. A perfect trip for anyone interested in learning more about the Northern Lights.

Lofoten Circle

Enjoy a gentle meander through snowy mountain passes and beautiful fjords to some of the best places in the Lofoten circle with some amazing photo spots. Lofoten is well-known locally for its stunning scenery. Travel to the quaint fishing village of Henningsvaer, which sits upon small islands connected by bridges. Here you can spend some time exploring the village and enjoying the local food.

Langoya & Nysund

Take a scenic journey to the small fishing village of Nyksund which is located on the far west coast of Langoya. With a population of just eight the charming village stands exposed to the Arctic sea and offers a great range of fantastic photo opportunities. You are sure to be impressed at Langoya's forgotten villages charm.

Aurora Chasing Husky Sledding Mountains and Fjords Reindeer Experience Spaceship Aurora


Flights to your chosen destination are not included in your package. However we will always include details of the most suitable flights in our opinion to match your tailor-made itinerary. We cooperate with dial-a-flight to assist you in making your flight bookings. However, flights can be booked independently and through your choice of carrier which increases flexibility and allows you to continue to travel with your preferred airlines.


There are a number of extras that we can offer to complement or extend your trip.

Narvik Extension

Why not add an extra night and stay in the Norwegian town of Narvik? Head up to the highest building in the city to enjoy a great view at the top.

City Stopover

Spend some time in the Norwegian capital of Oslo. With a fantastic amount of restaurants and landmarks you can spend the day and night soaking up some Norwegian culture.

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If you’re flying from selected airports why not start your holiday off in style with No1 Traveller airport lounges. These award winning luxury airport lounges offer everything the discerning traveller needs from freshly prepared complimentary food and drink to Wi-Fi or even a spa! Contact us today to arrange your access and start your holiday in style.

Kit Hire Narvik No1TravellersLounge VIP Room Lounge VISITOSLO.Nancy Bundt


We do not sell off the shelf packages, all of our packages are tailor-made to your requirements. You can choose everything from when you go, how long you stay to what activities you would like to include. Simply Contact Us with your requirements and we will provide you with a tailor-made personal itinerary.

As an example prices start from £1699 per person for a 5 night trip including bed and breakfast accommodation in a private fisherman’s cabin including a variety of activities. Please download the example itinerary for more details.


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“Enjoying the beautiful Aurora Borealis as it shimmers and moves over the dark skies alongside the passionate Aurora Addicts who can show you all the best places is a once-in-lifetime experience.”

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