All of our itineraries are very important to us and each one is carefully hand-crafted to suit each customer – no matter if it is a relaxing 3-night weekend break to one particular place or a 3-week multi-destination itinerary that crosses borders and includes many activities.

We do however sometimes get requests for things that are that little bit extra special. We at Off the Map Travel love these requests as when we say the sky is our limit – we really mean it! Whether you are looking for privately hired accommodation, all-inclusive or adults-only, assistance with airports suitable for private jets, specialist activities or even a photographer or filmmaker to capture your holiday of a lifetime we can help. With first hand experience of the destinations and close relationships with our suppliers – we can always go above and beyond what is expected to create a never-done-before experience.

In many of our destinations there are options for our customers who are looking for super-luxury. Exclusive itineraries are exactly that. These high-end, stunning itineraries are perfect for those who are searching for something entirely different whilst maintaining a high level of service, comfort and quality.

Speak to one of our Adventure Artists about the Signature 79 exclusive offering – where we start with a blank canvas and design according to your travel aspirations, never setting limits and ignoring the norm. This is about more than just luxury for us – this is about a designer experience that is as unique as you are.

Private guides and hosts

In all of our destinations we have some incredible people who are available to add an extra level of service to your stay. From privately guiding some of your activities to being on-hand hosts throughout the duration of your stay we will make sure you are well looked after.

In addition to guiding, we can arrange film-makers and professional photographers to join you on your trip to document your holiday and capture those special moments for you to cherish forever. This could be for specific activities or again it could be from start to finish on your holiday.

To get a unique perspective whilst travelling with us you could also choose your personal guide to be our Aurora expert and Founder, Jonny Cooper. Jonny fell in love with the Northern Lights and the Arctic region and subsequently Off the Map Travel was born nearly a decade ago. Choose him as your guide and you will get the opportunity to experience his passion and knowledge for all things Aurora.