A new survey published today has shown that holiday-makers and sun seekers are opting for adventure in their summer break plans rather than simply lying on a beach.

Families were the most daring with 81% saying that a holiday would not be complete without some adventurous activity for them and the kids. Retirees also showed their wild streak with 63% wanting more action than a basic package-holiday offers opting for trips to further afield destinations with a greater sense of adventure.

The survey that was carried out by Off The Map Travel, Soft Adventure travel specialist, however found an even split for couples with 51% wanting a trip to take them out of their comfort zone and 49% wanting to simply kick back and relax.

Jonny Cooper, director of Off The Map Travel explains: “Adventure means different things to different people. For some, a light bike ride or a stroll along a secluded beach would be enough; however for others they’d need the thrills of the white-water or husky-sled riding. Whatever the level of adventure, we’re finding that it’s these experiences that are defining a holiday and creating a truly memorable trip.”

However, it is not only age that determined your level of adventurousness; geography also seems to play its part. 81% of people surveyed from southern England said that adventure was in their top holiday requirements whilst only 24% of people from the north east want to step away from the pool to try something new.

Jonny continues: “Holidays are always down to each individual’s preference, but I think there’s an adventurer in all of us wanting to get out. A tailored Soft Adventure holiday allows you to get the right level of adventure and luxury for your trip – after all adventure shouldn’t mean you need to compromise on comfort!”

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