Northern Lights displays were spotted across as far as the south coast of the UK on Monday (22nd June) with spectacular pink and purple aurora displays seen across the northern hemisphere following a series of Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs), that causes the Northern Lights to dance across the night sky, that were directed towards earth.

A second CME kept aurora hunters on their toes as NASA’s Space Weather Prediction Center (NOAA) predicted that the Sun’s activity was also “likely enhance geomagnetic conditions to G3 (Strong) levels in the early hours of 25 June,” which, if it materializes as predicted, could cause Northern Lights displays Late Wednesday (24th June) and in the early hours of Thursday morning (25th June).

This caused further Northern Lights displays, with yet more sightings, however many of those in Britain missed out with cloud cover spoiling the display.

Jonny Cooper, director of Off the Map Travel, and Northern Lights travel was kept busy with media requests for tips and was featured in a range of national and regional media including,, Nottingham Post, Liverpool Echo and

Off the Map Travel’s partner Chris, from the Aurora Addicts managed to snap this spectacular shot in West Sussex near the south coast of England, a rare treat for those so far south.

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