It is officially aurora season in Abisko National Park!

After nearly four months of round the clock sunshine, the midnight sun is retreating and opening the doors to allow the magical aurora borealis to grace us with its beauty. As fall arrives and darkness returns I anxiously await my first night out under the stars, camera in hand with the hope of capturing this amazing sight. Due to an upcoming solar maximum the 2012-13 aurora watching season is poised to be one of the best in recent history.

Scientists and aurora forecasters predict that the sun will be more active than usual during the next few years, causing the auroras to increase in intensity and to appear in the skies above Abisko more often. When I look back at the last few seasons I am filled with excitement to know that things should only get better. I hope to see you on the trails of Abisko National Park this winter and I look forward to showing you the Lights Over Lapland!

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