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Santa's Toy Factory

Visit Santa's toy factory hidden deep in the forest.

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Meeting Santa

Far away from the busy city lights, filled with Christmas jingle and cheer, lies Santa’s special Toy Factory. Only the wisest of the forest elves know its secret location, hidden deep in the arctic forest.
This is where the elves spend their days creating the world’s most desired toys, mixing wood and paint with Christmas magic. Join this unforgettable adventure to discover the secrets of the Toy Factory and meet the magical keeper of the forest – Santa Claus! Whilst here you will enjoy exciting outdoor activities with the elves in a traditional Lappish teepee with hot drinks by the fire.
You’ll also have an elf-guided tour of the factory and get to take a keepsake home with you as well as a private meeting with the big man in red!Ahead of time, we ask you to provide us with some information about your nearest and dearest in advance so that we can truly personalise your visit.

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