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Treehotel Sweden

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Stay amongst the trees at the Treehotel in Sweden

The Treehotel in Sweden is arguably one of Northern Sweden’s most famous places to stay. Eight beautiful and uniquely designed rooms all nestled within the treetops of the pine forest in the quaint village of Harads.

You can gaze out through the forests at the spectacular views through the Swedish valley  from the Mirrorcube, marvel at the Midnight Sun from the UFO or watch the Northern Lights dance above you from the open air terrace from the 7th Room.

The Mirror Cube, a large suspended cube reflecting the forests on all sides, blending in with nature, this stunning installation even has a secret hidden balcony, so you can enjoy being outside in complete privacy, probably the most famous of all of the Treehotel rooms.

The UFO Room, this playful room is perfect for families and the adventure starts as soon as the stairs descend for you to climb up into your space ship. The guiding lights take you inside this stunning room, with 5 beds, and your own toilet, with small portholes for outside views, you can completely escape into this room and gentle swaying will send you off the sleep.

The Blue Cone room is easily accessed via a ramp, with two children’s beds in the loft space. Relax by the large window in your living room, and watch nature walk by, with great views across the forests.

The Cabin has a large roof top deck area, with uninterrupted views across the valley and up to the mountains. With a fully glazed end elevation, you can sit and relax whilst being in the treetops, with nature. This room only has one double bed.

The newest addition, the Biosphere, immerses you into the heart of Nature, see the vibrant birdlife up close, as you find yourself surrounded by hundreds of bird boxes. You can access your room via a suspended bridge, with glazing all around, you are right in the middle of nature. This room has its own sauna, and has a roof terrace, where you can sit and relax in the trees.

The Birdsnest room is camouflaged inside a huge bird’s nest, so well you almost walk past it, allowing you to be fully at one with nature. Access is via a ladder, and small suitcases are advised for this room, two adults and two children can stay easily in this room.

The 7th Room is the largest of all eight rooms, with two double bedrooms, with a large living room, and a transparent floor, so you can see the Lule River Valley below. With full length glass windows, this is the ideal room for viewing the Northern Lights from the comfort of your lounge.

The Dragonfly room is hidden away behind rustic panels that blend into the forests. With two double bedrooms, a spacious eating area and lounge, this is a great place for you to stay with friends, and enjoy the local food on offer in the nearby restaurant.

You can relax and book a private 2 hour session at the Tree Spa, enjoy a private sauna, stay a while in the hot tub, and rejuvenate with a drink by the log fire, and watch the world go by. Robes and slippers are all provided for your comfort.

Each room has been designed so they are all completely different, accommodating families or couples. Each room has its own private bathroom. If you are staying for more than one night it is highly recommended to swap rooms to experience a different one! Britta’s Pensionat, a unique guesthouse which also doubles as the reception area is home to a cosy lounge area and an amazing restaurant where the Chef’s passion for food and the very best local products shine. There is also a wide array of activities on offer here, try Northern Light photography during the evening, dining in the treetops or exploring the Storforsen, one of the highest unrestricted white-water rapids in Europe.

Treehotel offers you the ability to sleep amongst the treetops, wake up to breathtaking views and enjoy the nature around you to the fullest. A unique way to experience the beauty of Sweden and take in the wilderness- we are partnering with Treehotel to launch an exclusive offering that will fully immerse you in this amazing destination and allow you to experience all 8 rooms.

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