The enchanting Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, is a natural spectacle that has captivated hearts for centuries. For those who seek the ultimate luxury experience amidst this celestial wonder, there are various ways to transform your dream into reality.

Cruise by land or sea

For those who seek a guided encounter with the Aurora, consider joining a luxury Aurora tour or cruise. These crafted journeys offer an array of exclusive amenities and expert guides to explain the science and folklore behind the Northern Lights. Arctic cruises, in particular, provide a unique vantage point to savor the lights’ mesmerizing dance over the open sea – the colourful reflections can be wonderful. A benefit of driving and sailing tours is also the flexibility your guides have to head for the location with the most favourable aurora forecast for that evening.

Into the Silent Wilderness

For you nature lovers out there, few experiences rival venturing into the pristine wilderness, far from city lights and light pollution. As many of our accommodation options are beautifully remote and secluded, this sometimes just means simply putting on your snowshoes or snow boots and venturing a few footsteps away from your hotel and gazing overhead.

Aurora Alerts

Embrace modern technology and hotel facilities with Aurora forecast apps and alerts to save having to do the hard work yourself. Applications like Aurora Alerts and My Aurora Forecast deliver real-time predictions, ensuring that you never miss a moment of this celestial masterpiece. These apps cater to luxury seekers who appreciate convenience and immediate access to aurora information. Many of our locations also provide an aurora alert service and will wake you up if there is a great light show waiting for you outside your room!

Luxury Aurora Hotels

Imagine admiring the Northern Lights from the luxurious comfort of your own room. In some of our regions you can have the pleasure of simply gazing up to the glittering Arctic skies from your bed and admiring mother nature’s light show. For example, the Panorama Glass Lodges in Iceland. These opulent accommodations offer the perfect blend of comfort and natural beauty. Luxuriate in warmth and Nordic cosiness while enjoying  the captivating auroras overhead.

For Thrill Seekers

For those with a taste for adventure, why not combine your Northern Lights pursuit with exhilarating winter activities? Snowmobiling is a top choice amongst our customers. Glide across snow-covered landscapes and through Arctic forests whilst enjoying both the aurora and the finest in winter adventure.

For Animal Lovers

Want to share your aurora experience with some furry friends? Then perhaps an evening husky or reindeer sledding experience is the option for you. It is exciting to share an aurora experience with others, and huskies and reindeer are always pleased to have some company too! These activities are always a great choice, as if you are unlucky and the aurora does not show for the evening, you will have still enjoyed a wonderful Arctic activity nonetheless.

Photography enthusiasts

Photography enthusiasts are often drawn to the Northern Lights. To capture the perfect shot, ensure you have the finest camera equipment with manual settings and employ long-exposure techniques to reveal the Northern Lights’ intricate details. Today’s smartphones have also got pretty impressive at capturing the aurora too, but you’ll need either a tripod or an incredibly steady hand!

The Northern Lights are a celestial spectacle that is on many a bucket list for a reason! Everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime – the Aurora Borealis is a natural wonder that consistently leaves you in awe. Choose your preferred style of luxury Northern Lights evening and get in touch today for a full tailor-made itinerary from our Adventure Artists!