A trip to the Arctic is usually with a heavy emphasis on seeing the Northern Lights in mind; however there are lots of activities in the Arctic which are special and unique to this area of the world. Dog sledding, reindeer sledding, snowmobiling, ice-fishing, snowshoeing - the list is endless! Check out a list of our top recommendations for while you are away!

Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is one of the highlights of travelling to the Arctic Circle. An excited bunch of huskies are ready and eager to pull you and your sleigh out into the wilderness, across frozen lakes and through snowy forests. Contrary to some beliefs; the dogs are not un-cared for (in most cases the dogs are definitely additional family members to the mushers who keep them!) and this is not an activity which in any way harms or negatively affects the dogs. These animals are born for this lifestyle and they absolutely love nothing more than heading out for a run! Dog sledding is a popular activity throughout Swedish Lapland, Finnish Lapland and Northern Norway and there are always various activity options ranging from just a visit to the kennel to feed and play with the dogs and puppies, to full on expeditions lasting several days and nights in the wilderness!


Snowmobiling is something for you if you love a thrill-seeking adventure into the open wild! These powerful machines are an amazing way to experience the magical places you visit and in each destination you can combine snowmobiling with many other activities. In Finland you can snowmobile to the 3-border point where Sweden, Norway and Finland meet. In Sweden you could head out in search of moose or perhaps cross the Arctic Circle line itself. In Norway snowmobiling gives you the chance to get high into the mountains and enjoy the incredible views! You can choose to drive alone, in pairs or for the younger generation it is always really good fun to be in a sled pulled by snowmobile too!

Meeting the Reindeers

The reindeer is one of the Arctic’s most iconic animals. Not only are they abundant here and you can regularly see them roaming freely in the wild but of course they are also the animal which is at the very heart and centre of the Sami people – the indigenous people of the Arctic Circle. Activities including the reindeer can include feeding, going for a sled ride, learning how to herd and lasso them or even making Sami inspired crafts using their fur and hooves. The Sami culture experiences in Sweden, Norway and Finland are all truly amazing and the reindeer are at the very centre of this.

Whale Watching

Whale watching is an amazing activity to take part in in the Arctic Circle. If you travel to Norway in the winter you may see Orcas and Humpbacks heading along the coastline and into the fjords to feed on the herring on their annual migrations. In Greenland and Svalbard the waters are a veritable playground for whales of all kinds during the summertime. In Iceland you may also witness some of the smaller species that call these waters home year-round. Wherever you go; this is sure to be an activity to create memories for life!

Ice Fishing

Head out to a frozen lake, take our your drill and make a hole in the metre thick ice. Set down your lure and wait for a bite from one of the local species of fish. Ice fishing is a great way to spend some time in nature and if you’re lucky enough to catch one your guide is usually able to cook it there and then for lunch or take it back to your accommodation for later!


Snowshoes make walking in the snow easy! These huge shoes that strap on to your feet will help you not to sink in the deeper snow as you head out to explore. Set off into the woods for a lesson on Arctic survival skills or how to navigate through the forest; or simply head up to a beautiful viewpoint for Fika round a bonfire. These shoes are a lovely way to explore the amazing nature around you!