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Portugal Azores

The Azores lie off the coast of Portugal in the Mid-Atlantic and is famed for being one of the most beautiful island chains in the world.

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Azores at a glance

This breath-taking Portuguese archipelago is made up of nine amazing volcanic islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, each with its own personality and points of interest. With such a striking landscape, it is no wonder that an Azores Adventure Holiday is becoming ever more popular.

With stunning coastline and unspoilt natural beauty, you are constantly reminded of its geographical past with ancient (and dormant) volcanic craters dotting the landscape.

Known as one of the best places in the world to whale watch and see dolphins the Azores makes for a great family adventure holiday destination or a stunning spot for a couple to indulge in both adventure and relaxation.

Picos d'Aventura

Experiences in the Azores

Island hopping, diving, whale watching and canyoning are just some of the highlights of a trip to the Azores. Find out more about the experiences on offer here.
Explore the waters of the Azores from Pico to search for whales and dolphins!

Whales and Dolphins of Pico

Explore the waters of the Azores from Pico to search for whales and dolphins!
Take a RIB boat in Sao Miguel to spot whales and dolphins!

Whale Watching by RIB Boat

Take a RIB boat in Sao Miguel to spot whales and dolphins!
Explore the canyons of the Azores.

Canyoning in The Azores

Explore the canyons of the Azores.

General Information

The Azores are a paradise for someone looking for a holiday where you can find a perfect combination of relaxation and activity. There is something to suit everyone here with plenty of activities and experiences for all the family. Choose between any of the 9 islands for your special trip or why not hop to them all?






2,333 km





Best time to visit

June- September

Destinations in Azores

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Sao Miguel

São Miguel is the biggest island of the Azorean archipelago. More than half of the population of the 9 islands put together live here.

  • Visit one, or all, of the islands viewpoints with a guided tour by a local Azorean guide to show you all the secret spots.
  • Go whale watching and catch the island’s most famous sea-resident – the sperm whale!

Travel Facts

Learn more about flights, climate and geography for this destination.

Each island has its own airport, making it easy to visit any of them – the main commercial airports are Ponta Delgada (Sao Miguel), Horta (Faias), Vila do Porto (Santa Maria) and Santa Cruz das Flores (Flores). Ponta Delgada is the airport served by international airlines, with direct flights from London, Boston MA and Toronto among many others. Indirect flights via Lisbon are popular, and this makes for a fantastic city stopover.

The islands of the Azores have a Mediterranean climate, with an average summer temperature of 24°C and an average winter temperature 11°C. This makes the Azores the perfect year-round destination for your adventure!

The 9 islands of The Azores are located in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 1360km from Portugal. The group of islands have a unique position above the junction between three tectonic plates, and their rugged landscapes were formed through volcanic and seismic activity millions of years ago. Although all islands have experienced major volcanic activity, no volcanic eruptions have been recorded since human settlement on the islands.

The highest peak of the islands is Mount Pico, which stands at 2351m. The largest city of the islands is Ponta Delgada, located on Sao Miguel, which is the most populous island and home to the main commercial and international airport.

The islands are a true tropical paradise, with their uniquely stunning scenery, and the geothermal activity creates thermal waters which are perfect for bathing.

The water around the Azores boasts rich marine life with black coral, manta rays and sea turtles among many other amazing creatures. The islands are famous for being one of the best destinations in the world for whale watching and dolphin spotting – you don’t even need to be out on a boat, as they can be easily seen from the coastlines!

The island is made from Subtropical Laurel Forest, with many endemic species of plants. Much of the dense forest that was once present on the islands has been removed to make way for agriculture.

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