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Whales of Iceland

Experience the whales of Iceland and learn all about the species that live in Icelandic waters.

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Whales of Iceland Exhibition

The Whales of Iceland Museum exhibit consists of 23 life-size models of all the species of whales found in Icelandic waters throughout natural history. A full-size sperm whale, the endagered Northern Right whale and even a 25 meter (82 foot!) long blue whale hang suspended above you in this amazing collection. It will really give you an idea of how gigantic these amazing creatures are!

Interactive information stands and videos are included within the exhibition and you are soothed by whale sounds, underwater ambient lighting and beach-inspired flooring so it really is a beautiful place to explore for all the family! This is an amazing experience on it’s own or to really enjoy to the full combine it with a real-life whale watching activity as part of your whale watching holidays!

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