Happy New Year! 2016 is here and at last and with it we are proud to debut our new whale watching holiday packages to help you check off more of your bucket list.

A ‘bucket list’ is generally understood as a list of once-in-a-lifetime experiences and the beauty of this list is that it can include anything and everything depending on the individual that writes it. This means they end up being extremely personal and unique – just like our holidays for each and every one of our customers! We do know however that there are some desired experiences that many people have in common. For example, one item that features on these lists frequently is to witness the incredible Northern Lights in all their glory. Here at Off the Map Travel, we’ve got this covered pretty well!

One amazing activity that we see frequently on peoples’ wish lists is whale watching. It just so happens that several of our destinations can cater to both of these wishes at once. This New Year, 2016 will bring a whole number of new packages and even some new destinations where people can enjoy spending time watching and even interacting these incredible creatures. As is with all of our holidays, they will be completely tailor-made and can include many more experiences in addition to a whale watching adventure. Our team of experts are happy to help and will be able to advise on ensuring that your holiday is perfect for you. Two of our new destinations are Akureyri, in Iceland, and Tromsø, in Norway, both of which combine whale watching with a fantastic range of other activities.

Whale Watching in Akureyri, Iceland

Our Whales and Waterfalls package gives you the chance to go whale watching from two of Iceland’s most beautiful cities. First is Akureyri, the capital of the North, which is an excellent location to explore and, because of the wealth of other outdoor activities that it offers, makes a great base for a holiday. Second is Reykjavik, Iceland’s coastal capital, which you will once again depart from to see the whales in the nearby waters. Upon your return, you can visit the Reykjavik Whale Museum and found out even more about these majestic mammals. Other activities can include exploring amazing underground caves, relaxing in the Mývatn Nature Baths and lots of other exciting options.

Whale Watching in Tromsø, Norway

Over in Tromsø, Norway, our Whales and Northern Lights holiday will let see the creatures of the oceans while also exploring the mountains and fjords of Norway. Known as the ‘Paris of the North’, Tromsø is a perfect base for a Northern Lights holiday. It’s unique location makes it the gateway to a world of Arctic adventures. Trips here combine whale watching with an overnight expedition to the see the Northern Lights, a spectacular journey that will let you enjoy the very best that the Arctic North has to offer. Additionally, other activities can include reindeer and dog sledding, snow mobile safaris, or a luxurious Northern Lights dinner cruise.

Both of these destinations are a great way to enjoy a whale watching holiday while taking in the sights and sounds that the Arctic regions have to offer. Be sure to keep an eye out on our website over the coming months to be one of the first to book a trip that your are sure to remember for years to come. Wherever you want to visit, we can work with you to design an itinerary that combines everything that you’re looking for in your dream holiday.

If you’re interested in one of our destinations, would like a personal quotation, or just have some questions, the first thing to do is contact one of our travel advisors. We have personally visited all of our destinations so can answer any questions you may have; if we can’t, we will find out!

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