This breath-taking Portuguese archipelago is made up of nine amazing volcanic islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, each with its own personality and points of interest. With such a striking landscape, it is no wonder that an Azores Adventure Holiday is becoming ever more popular.

With stunning coastline and unspoilt natural beauty, you are constantly reminded of its geographical past with ancient (and dormant) volcanic craters dotting the landscape.

Known as one of the best places in the world to whale watch and see dolphins the Azores makes for a great family adventure holiday destination or a stunning spot for a couple to indulge in both adventure and relaxation.

The Basics

Location: 37°44′28″N 25°40′32″W
Population: 245,746
Area: 2,333 km
Time Zone: UTC-01:00

Getting There

Each of the Azores nine main islands has an airport making it easy to visit any of them with the main commercial airports being Ponta Delgada, Horta, Vila do Porto and Santa Cruz das Flores.

Ponta Delgada, on the island of Sao Miguel, is the only island which is served by international airlines and during the summer.

The Azores has a long history of ship travel and boats can be taken between the islands. Some cruise liners also dock at the harbours situated round the islands.


The islands of the Azores have a Mediterranean climate, with an average high summer temperature of 24C and the average winter temperature 11C.

The weather is usually warm throughout the year which makes for a perfect luxury adventure holiday destination at any time of the year.


The Azores is located in the Atlantic Ocean about 1,360km from Portugal.

The group of islands is located above the junction between three tectonic plates and were formed through volcanic and seismic activity millions of years ago.

Although all islands have experienced major volcanic activity no volcanic eruptions have been recorded during human settlement" of the islands.

The archipelago consists of 9 islands. The highest peak of the islands is Mount Pico which stands at 2,351m. The largest city is Ponta Delgada located on the São Miguel Island, which is the most populous island.

The islands are a true tropical paradise with lots of stunning scenery as well as thermal waters which are perfect for bathing.

Plants and Animals

The waters surrounding the Azores boasts rich marine life with black coral, manta rays and sea turtles.

The islands are famous as one of the best destinations in the world for whale watching and seeing dolphins which are easily seen from the coastline.

The island is made from Subtropical Laurel Forest with many endemic species of plants. Much of the dense forest that was once present on the islands has been removed and has made way for agriculture.

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